Cybersecurity Post #2

Operationalize Purple Teaming with Red Teams and Blue Teams | Information Security Newsletter

Microsoft 365 Dev Center provides an instant sandbox preconfigured with sample data. Not only is it a sandbox, it comes with E5 subscription! 😃 

This is a feature not many realize when looking into M365 E5. This a free platform with 25 user licenses which provides an excellent mechanism to learn, develop and provides a great opportunity to look at various security configurations. This post will explore getting started on the M365 E5 subscription sandbox.

Once you click through, fill out some basic info.

This includes an option to get a preconfigured sandbox or setting up a customizable sandbox. These sandboxes are good for 90 days. After that you will need to rebuild it again.

Fill out some basic information and click next to start launching into your E5 Microsoft subscription.

Security defaults now come out of the box. Microsoft announced it automatically enabled stricter secure default settings known as 'security defaults' on all existing Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenants in late June 2022.

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This is a great way to get started operationalizing purple teaming by providing a sandbox to test in. What are some security tools and techniques you might be interested to test as it relates to M365?

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